Botanical Path - Gorgas de Alba


Botanical Path - Gorgas de Alba

Simple and entertaining circular tour of approximately 1 hour in which we will walk along an interpretative botanical path with identification panels of different species of trees and bushes, passing through a small beech forest until we reach the waterfalls that form the Esera River known as “Gorgas del Alba” and can contemplate them from different viewpoints.

Description of the route:

From Benasque we continue along the A-139 road towards Los Llanos del Hospital and after about 9 kilometres from Benasque we will reach a detour on the right towards Los Baños de Benasque. We take this road and after about 600 m we arrive at the Hotel Turpi, where we will find a parking lot where we will leave the vehicle. A few metres from there, we will find a bridge over the Esera River; on the left is the sign that marks the beginning of the botanical trail.

There is a viewpoint from which we can see the impressive waterfalls, it’s a joy to see how the water breaks into the river after a big jump. Don’t forget your camera! There are many beautiful corners to photograph, plus we advise you to bring your binoculars to enjoy the views even more.

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