Excursions and Routes in Benasque

Get to know the best routes in Benasque to enjoy nature, travelling around the area. For all levels and according to capacity, get ready for fantastic routes in Benasque.

Nature trails to melt into the heart of the fantastic nature of the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Excursion to the Forau d'Aigualluts

The walk is barely an hour and a half long in total, essential for anyone travelling to the Benasque Valley for the first time. It is probably the most visited place in this valley. To start the route we have to reach the refuge of the besurta. From Benasque we must continue along the A-139 road towards Llanos del Hospital.

Botanical Path - Gorgas de Alba

Simple and entertaining circular tour of approximately 1 hour in which we will walk along an interpretative botanical path with identification panels of different species of trees and bushes, passing through a small beech forest until we reach the waterfalls that form the Esera River known as “Gorgas del Alba” and can contemplate them from different viewpoints.

Circular Route Three Cascades of Ardoné

The Ardonés waterfall, also known as the Bom waterfall, is one of the most beautiful corners in the Cerler area. Its proximity, easy access and beauty make this place a practically obligatory stop for all those who visit this area.

Excursion to the Old Cerler Mine

Excursion to the Old Cerler Mine

In Cerler there was pyrite exploitation, today only remains of the house of the “chiefs” and the holes from where this mineral was extracted. The end of this excursion is decided by each one of us, since it is a panoramic excursion in which we gain little height and allow us to have some beautiful views of the valley.

Excursion through Valle de Estós

This valley has a great tourist attraction for lovers of mountain hiking, climbing, ski mountaineering and mountaineering. Fishing for trout and big game (sarrios, roe deer and wild boar) is also practiced here. In the summertime its slopes are a place for a large herd of cows to graze.

Route to Ibonet de Batisielles and Ibón de Escarpinosa

A beautiful route, along a path next to the river, then along an enchanted path to end up contemplating one of the most beautiful lakes in the area.

Excursion of the Three Ravines

A quiet route that will take us around Benasque through three ravines.

Route to the Gorgutes and Solana de Gorgutes lakes

Route to the Gorgutes and Solana de Gorgutes lakes

A pleasant excursion, suitable for all ages, that in a high mountain environment will make us walk through one of the old commercial passages that linked the Valley of Benasque with the neighbouring French valley of Luchon.

Circular Route through the Conques Forest

It is a long circular route that crosses one of the most exuberant forests of the Benasque Valley, the Conques Forest.

Route through the Ibones de Barbarisa

A beautiful route, to enjoy green meadows, flowers, lots of water and two lakes.

Excursion to Vallibierna Valley

Excursion to Vallibierna Valley

This valley, oriented from east to west, is approximately 9 km long and at the bottom of it the waters of the Vallivierna River, a tributary of the Ésera River, flow”. On the slopes of the valley, black pine and beech forests predominate.

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