Circular Route Three Cascades of Ardoné


Circular Route Three Cascades of Ardoné

The Ardonés waterfall, also known as the Bom waterfall, is one of the most beautiful corners in the Cerler area. Its proximity, easy access and beauty make this place a practically obligatory stop for all those who visit this area.

Description of the route:

There are basically two access routes, the first and fastest is from the access road to Cerler Ski Station, while the second, which is longer, is via a path that starts from the same town of Cerler. The path starts next to the Shopping Centre and is signposted with small yellow and white marks. Along a good path, leaving behind the town’s buildings, you will gain height until you reach the Chapel of San Pedro Mártir, the patron saint of Cerler. From there you continue along the path until you reach a dam, which you must cross to reach the spectacular Bom waterfalls.

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