Excursion through Valle de Estós

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Excursion through Valle de Estós

This valley has a great tourist attraction for lovers of mountain hiking, climbing, ski mountaineering and mountaineering. Fishing for trout and big game (sarrios, roe deer and wild boar) is also practiced here. In the summertime its slopes are a place for a large herd of cows to graze.

The Estós Valley route is one of the most attractive and well-known in the area. This valley is very accessible to do on foot, since it does not have as much slope as others that reach the Valley of Benasque.

Description of the route:

This route today is for walking. It has a steeper ascent, but except for this one, the rest is not too steep. We leave from the parking lot shortly after entering by the road marked as Valle de Estós. If we continue climbing on the road to Benasque, the crossroads is on the left. Follow the track to the left, passing by the reservoir and crossing a first section with a steeper slope. Cross the river over the bridge, follow the track and a little further on you will see the Cabaña de Santa Ana and a little further on you will see a path on the right marked PR (yellow and white mark). The way out will be by this path, to return to the track by which we have reached this point.

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