Excursion to the Forau d'Aigualluts


Excursion to the Forau d'Aigualluts

The walk is barely an hour and a half long in total, essential for anyone travelling to the Benasque Valley for the first time. It is probably the most visited place in this valley. To start the route we have to reach the refuge of the besurta. From Benasque we must continue along the A-139 road towards Llanos del Hospital.

Description of the route:

We start from the Llano de la Besurta (1900) and follow it to the signpost that shows us the way. At the beginning we coincide with the same route that would lead us to the refuge of La Renclusa but after approximately 15 minutes we leave it on the right, following our perfectly defined path until we reach the meadow of Aigualluts. Along the way we can hear and see the marmots, with a bit of luck we can see sarrios and observe the abundant flora such as wolfsbane, chitlins, gentians, evergreens…

When we arrive, the first thing we see is the waterfall and the curious phenomenon of at least seeing how it disappears and filters. where does this water go? the water from the melting of the Aneto ends up in the waterfall but curiously this water filters through galleries and pipes and appears again in the Catalan valley of Aran – in Uelhs Deth Jòeu – to feed the Garonne River on the Atlantic side. Just at the end of the path we will find an explanatory panel in which we recommend stopping as this will give us a better understanding of the karst formation in front of us.

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