Excursion to the Old Cerler Mine


Excursion to the Old Cerler Mine

In Cerler there was pyrite exploitation, today only remains of the house of the “chiefs” and the holes from where this mineral was extracted. The end of this excursion is decided by each one of us, since it is a panoramic excursion in which we gain little height and allow us to have some beautiful views of the valley.

Description of the route:

We take the path that leads to the municipal swimming pool, follow it and leave behind the hotel HG as well. When we have almost reached the end of the path we see another one on our left as a forest track: this is the path to the mine. And we start walking and climbing very slowly, it is a very wide forest track where we might meet other tourists. It is also possible that we pass by the remains of the building that remains as it is hanging on the mountain, we must also observe how the water that can circulate through this path stains the stones red, this is due to the high concentration of mineral it contains. If we make this excursion in the summer, we must bear in mind that we will not find any shade along the route, so we must protect ourselves properly. For all those who arrive at the top will find a small snack (this yes in the shade of some trees) in which to rest and replenish forces.

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