Route through the Ibones de Barbarisa


Route through the Ibones de Barbarisa

A beautiful route, to enjoy green meadows, flowers, lots of water and two lakes.

Description of the route:

The trail starts in the village of Sahún, but can also be reached halfway from the Sahún pass. We start the walk in the parking lot of Sahún, next to the information panel of trails. From here we cross the town and leave it to the west, along a path flanked by stone walls, and without taking any detour

We advance in a slight ascent through a leafy forest of gall oaks, boxwoods and hazelnuts and, after passing a pronounced curve, on the right, we find ourselves facing a rocky wall through which we must continue zigzagging, until we reach the top of it. From the top we can see the ravine that we are going to climb up on the left bank, the Surri ravine. The way back is through the same place.

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