Route to Ibonet de Batisielles and Ibón de Escarpinosa


Route to Ibonet de Batisielles and Ibón de Escarpinosa

A beautiful route, along a path next to the river, then along an enchanted path to end up contemplating one of the most beautiful lakes in the area.

Description of the route:

We’ll leave from the parking lot in the Estós Valley. From the road that goes up to Benasque, a little before arriving we will see that this valley is signposted. The first section is a path, the same one we followed when we did the route of the Estós Valley, but when we reach a point, we will turn off by the path that goes up on the left hand side towards Batisielles and Escarpinosa. This path is very pleasant, but it has a lot of slope and stones, so the mountain boots are essential, and once we have reached the Escarpinosa Ibón we will find one of the most beautiful landscapes of this area. This lake, with its blue waters and the mountains in the background, offers us unique views.

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