Route to the Gorgutes and Solana de Gorgutes lakes


Route to the Gorgutes and Solana de Gorgutes lakes

A pleasant excursion, suitable for all ages, that in a high mountain environment will make us walk through one of the old commercial passages that linked the Valley of Benasque with the neighbouring French valley of Luchon.

Description of the route:

We leave the town of Benasque by the road to France, until its end about 12 km. We park the car, leaving the Llanos del Hospital on our right, and an information panel will indicate the path to take in the direction of the Ibones de Gorgutes in 1 hour and a half. The path is in good condition and well marked with green signs and is quite busy during the summer period. It is on the way back that we will really enjoy this fantastic excursion, descending slowly among the green meadows, enjoying the landscape that this magnificent corner of the Benasque Valley has to offer.

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