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This is the Cerler ski resort in 2019-2020: slopes, ski pass and services

Aramón Cerler, which opens the resort on Saturday 23rd November, enjoys privileged views and exceptional snow quality, thanks to its continentality and altitude. This remoteness from the sea makes it one of the resorts with the lowest humidity in the Pyrenees, which makes it possible to create artificial snow of the highest quality. It also has the highest altitude of all the Aragonese resorts (2,630 metres).

This is Cerler station: slopes, ski pass, services

Cerler has many attractions for the amateur. Its height provides a descent experience that is unparalleled in Spain: here is the largest descent of all the national stations, with 9 kilometres in length. It has been chosen several years in a row by skiers as the best resort in Spain. It has 68 slopes (10 Green, 18 Blue, 25 Red, 14 Black, 1 Itinerary), Snowpark and Snowmobile circuit in 77 kilometers of skiable area, 38 km of artificial snowmaking and 375 artificial snow cannons. 19 ski lifts (6 conveyor belts, 4 ski lifts, 2 two-seater ski lifts, 5 four-seater ski lifts, 2 six-seater ski lifts). Lift capacity, 26,120 skiers/hour. Maximum height of 2,630 metres and minimum height of 1,500 metres.

Skiing in Cerler -

Ampriu Park

In addition, for some years now it has strengthened its commitment to mountain skiing -skimo- and has a large recreation area in Ampriu Park (Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00). The full Ampriu Park pass -24.50 euros for adults and 21.50 euros for children- includes access to the sledge area, loan of sledge, chairlift ride and loan of snow shoes. Cerler offers the possibility of a Family Pack (2 adults + 2 children) for 74.00 euros.

In the sledging area there is access to an exclusive, totally safe all-day track as many times as you like thanks to its ski lift. Within this area there are also more attractions such as a carousel on the snow, snow cannon and more various types of games. The prices for adults are 16.50 euros and for children 12.40 euros.

With the chairlift ride you can go up to 2300 meters of altitude in the Telesilla del Amor and contemplate the mountain landscape surrounding the resort, see the highest peaks of the entire Pyrenees, and the famous heart of Cerler.

It also has a bar with a sunny terrace to get your strength back without leaving the resort.

For the start of skiing

Snow gardens are the ideal place for children between 1 and 6 years old to have their first contact with snow. They recommend booking in advance, as places are limited. There are discounts for number of days.

Ski pass prices in Cerler

By booking them on the resort’s website you can get cheaper prices than at the ticket offices, although there are also special rates that can be purchased exclusively at the resort’s ticket offices and there are advantageous prices for groups of more than 20 people.


  • Station ticket offices: 45.50 euros (yellow), 45.50 euros (green), 45.50 euros (red).
  • Ticket offices at the resort with the Aramón Club Card: 39,50 (yellow), 43,50 (green) and 45,50 (red)
  • Web/App with Club Aramon Card: 38.30 (yellow), 42.20 (green) and 44.10 (red).
  • Recharge Web/App with Club Card Aramón: 35,60 (yellow), 39,20 (green) and 41,00 (red).


  • Station ticket offices: 36.50 euros (yellow), 36.50 euros (green) and 36.50 (red).
  • Station ticket offices with Club Aramón Card: 32.00 (yellow), 35.00 (green) and 36.50 (red).
  • Web/App with Tarjeta Club Aramón: 31.00 (yellow), 34.00 (green) and 35.40 (red).
  • Web/App with Club Card Aramón: 28,80 (yellow), 31,50 (green) y 32,90 (red).
Skiing in Cerler -
Skiing in Cerler -

How to get to Cerler

White bus: covers the route LéridaBinéfarMonzónBarbastro and Cerler. The bus leaves at 7.00 from the first stop and returns at 15.30 from the Ampriu car park. Departure is guaranteed with 25 passengers. In Lleida it leaves at 7.00 from Camp d’esports, in Binéfar at 7.30 from the bus station, in Monzón at 7.40 in Avenida Lérida in front of the statue of Joaquín Costa and in Barbastro at 7.55 from Avenida Escrivá de Balaguer 2, Edificio Sindicatos.

  • From Zaragoza and Huesca. The recommended route from Zaragoza passes through Huesca. Once in Huesca, follow the A-22 towards Barbastro. Before arriving at the city of Vero there are already signs indicating the detour to Benasque and Cerler.

After a day of skiing in Cerler: Aprés-Ski Remáscaro

Ideal for after a good day of skiing. DJs, live music, parties and lots of fun for every day. In addition there are theme parties on Thursdays, and every Saturday with the resident DJ and other artists invited to the magnificent cabin-ratrack.

Book your ski accommodation at Cerler ski resort

Find in VILLMOR the best accommodation for skiing in Cerler ski resort: apartments, cottages, etc.. To travel as a couple, with friends or family.

Compra ya tu forfait para la estación de Cerler. 

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