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The Aneto Peak

Cima del Aneto
King of kings located in the massif of the Montes Malditos (Maladeta), the Aneto, with its 3,404m altitude, is crowned as the highest peak in the Pyrenees. Its ascent will leave no one indifferent because of its large glacier and its famous and feared Mohammed Pass, but the legends that surround it will also delight anyone who wants to listen to incredible stories.

The Aneto at 3. 404m, the most coveted peak for lovers of the high mountains as it is the highest point in the Pyrenees, a very varied route that progresses through different types of terrain, rocky slopes, climbs, glacier… the ascent, full of contrasts, of which there are two main routes to reach the summit: the classic route via La Renclusa, which crosses the upper portillón and the Aneto glacier, and the route along the southern slope, which climbs up the Ibones de Coronas, joining the classic route at the highest part of the mountain.

It forms part of the Macizo de la Maladeta and, located in the Benasque valley, is made up of Palaeozoic granite and Mesozoic materials.

On its north face, at around 2,810 m, there is the largest glacier in the Pyrenees, with a surface area of around 100 ha. Like many others in the world, it is in regression as a result of climate change. It is estimated that in the last 100 years it has lost more than half of its surface area, and that in 30 or 40 years it may disappear.

It is the second most prominent mountain on the Iberian Peninsula, with a height of 2,812 metres.

The Aneto is the largest glacier in the Pyrenees, on the north face at 2,810 metres above sea level, with a surface area of more than 100 hectares.

La ascensión al Aneto es de las más duras de todo el Pirineo, aunque la mayoría de las diferentes rutas para subir el Aneto no presentan dificultad técnica alguna, hay que tener en cuenta que se trata de un pico muy exigente por el desnivel a superar, mas de 3.000 metros de desnivel acumulado, y por la presencia del glaciar, que supone mas de una hora de caminata sobre el glaciar más grande el Pirineo, lo que conlleva riesgos.

To make this ascent it is necessary to take into account that the approximate time of the route can be more than 10 hours of effective walking, without counting breaks or the queues that occur in the Paso de Mahoma, etc. For this reason it is advisable to leave very early in the morning.

It should also be borne in mind that at any time of the year you will need cranpons and ice axes or mountain poles to cross the glacier.

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